What is Wild West Weebs?

Founded by two collectors. We fancy ourselves to be some amongst the original Weebs in the West. We have built a store that is not only a fix for anime needs, but an experience for anime fans. Shop with us online or in store for collectibles, apparel, plushies, and games. Attend our events to meet your favorite Voice Actors and local vendors. We are Weebs and we are here for you.

  • Wild.

    Collectibles, TCG, Mystery Boxes, Plushies, Crane Games, Giveaways.. things can get a little wild.

  • West.

    We're technically located on the western hemisphere of the globe.

  • Weebs!

    Do we have to explain? We're a store run by weebs... for weebs! WEEB INFESTATION!